Amazon Marketing

Private Label Services

  • Amazon FBA Product Research (Demanding Niches)

  • Product Sourcing and Logistics (Links in China market with multiple suppliers)

  • Product Launching

  • Product Ranking

  • Complete Keyword Enriched Listing (Title, Bullet Points & Description)

  • Product Listing Creation (EBC or A+ content)

  • PPC Campaign Management

  • Trademark, Copyright & Patent Matters

  • Shipping and Handling to FBA Warehouse

  • Images Optimization (Lifestyle, Info Graphics etc.)

  • Keyword Research (Long & Short Tail)

  • Inventory Management

  • Branding & Private Labelling (White Label)

  • Search engine optimization (Sale Velocity, Ranking)

Wholesale Services

  • Product hunting

  • Wholesale Brands and supplier hunting

  • Wholesale Brands approval

  • Inventory sourcing MOQ negotiating

  • Inventory management

  • Me too on listing
  • Perfect Buy Box handling for maximum sales through proper research-based tactics and strategies

  • Products shipment strategy

  • Order processing

  • PPC and advertising campaigns (if needed)