private label

Amazon Marketing

Amazon is the world’s largest selling platform. where people sell and purchase their products globally. Amazon Market includes two markets places one is Private Label and the second is Wholesale market.  As an Amazon Virtual Assistant, we will provide you with a complete package.

It includes account creation, Complete Keyword Enriched Listing, brand registration, product hunting, Product Listing Creation, Amazon FBA Product Research, Product Launching, PPC Campaign Management, Inventory Management, PPC and advertising campaigns.

  • Amazon FBA Product Research (Demanding Niches)

  • Product Sourcing and Logistics (Links in China market with multiple suppliers)

  • Product Launching

  • Product Ranking

  • Complete Keyword Enriched Listing (Title, Bullet Points & Description)

  • Product Listing Creation (EBC or A+ content)

  • PPC Campaign Management

  • Trademark, Copyright & Patent Matters

  • Shipping and Handling to FBA Warehouse

  • Images Optimization (Lifestyle, Info Graphics etc.)

  • Keyword Research (Long & Short Tail)

  • Inventory Management

  • Branding & Private Labelling (White Label)

  • Search engine optimization (Sale Velocity, Ranking)

  • Product hunting

  • Wholesale Brands and supplier hunting

  • Wholesale Brands approval

  • Inventory sourcing MOQ negotiating

  • Inventory management

  • Me too on listing
  • Perfect Buy Box handling for maximum sales through proper research-based tactics and strategies

  • Products shipment strategy

  • Order processing

  • PPC and advertising campaigns (if needed)